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KCI is an international management consulting firm. Our mission is to support our clients to make distinctive, sustainable and substantial improvements. Solving uncommon and hard problems require professionalism, integrity and exceeding customer expectations in value for money. KCI operates as one company and we maintain consistently high standards for our services and people. We engage in bringing the best teams, minds and expertise to bear on our engagements. We engage with our clients to and we analyze, research and consider opinions and options for the ideal solution on our individual cases. We believe to hold exceptional functional and industry expertise and operate with cutting edge organizations.
What is your strategy?
Leaders of firms are mystified when what they thought was a beautifully crafted strategy is never implemented. They assume that the... Read more
Digital Economy
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Risks in telecoms
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KEEZ Consulting is an international management consulting firm in business strategy and execution. We engage with customers from the private, public, and non-profit sectors in and beyond Europe to analyze business operations, identify value network and thus opportunities and address their most critical challenges to transform their business operations.

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